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Day Trip - Rafting Safari

0800 am, pick up from Hotel and transfer to Peraya village for rafting safari. We take a scenic bus ride to the hinterland. Then a short trek through customary tribal lands where century old trees still stand tall, on nowadays unused ‘escape routes’ to the site of an ancient Pangah (head house) where the skulls of the ‘enemy’ or ‘protectors’ of the long house lie’s amongst the ruins of this ancient, long abandoned but not forgotten long house.

Later, we travel downstream on traditional bamboo rafts to a village. Here lives the last elder among all the tribe in the valley to still practice the ancient warrior cult, appeasing ceremony. If all the signs are good, he will be happy to oblige. Our hearts (and heads) will be heavy when we leave this mountain, where the decedents of the ‘Real Headhunters’ dwell. Transfer back.
(L) O/N: Kuching Hotel.


No. of Pax 2-3 4-8 9-14 15-20
Fullday RM350 RM300 RM270 RM250