Peraya Homestay

Frogging Tours at Kubah National Park

Frogging at Kubah National Park 
1700, Pick up from City Hotel then proceed to Kubah National Park

1800hrs Dinner at Matang Town by own expenses.
1900hrs After dinner, transfer back to Kubah & proceed for night walk. Try luck for Reddish scops-owl, Brown hawk-owl & Barred eagle-owl. Meanwhile, walk along the main trail to nature frog pond, If we are lucky, we might encounter mammals like Western tarsier, Giant flying squirrel, Common palm civit, slow loris or some other nocturnal animals. Kubah National Park also is a home to variety species of frogs, more than 54 species of frogs has been recorded in the Park, which is 1/3 of the total species of frog in Borneo Island. Frog species like Lowland litter frog, Bornean horned frog, Kuhl’s creek frog, Giant river frog, Peat swamp frog, Mahogany frog, Spotted stream frog, File-eared tree frog, Dark-eared tree frog, Harlequin tree frog & etc are commonly found in the frog pond.
2230hrs, transfer back to Kuching city hotel.