Peraya Homestay


Departed at 0900, Situated just 32 km from Kuching is the Sarawak Cultural Village. This 17-acre site, nestled on the foothill of the legendary Mount Santubong, fronting the South China Sea offers an excellent introduction to the local culture and lifestyles of the ethnic people of Sarawak. A typical Sarawakian’s warmth and hospitality awaits you here. Share the arts, crafts, games, foods and music of the seven major ethnic group in Sarawak.. Known as the “Living Museum” Sarawak Cultural Village offers an opportunity to admire the richly diverse multi-racial cultures of Sarawak as displayed and presented in the traditional homes of the various indigenous tribes in the village. See how local handicrafts are made. The tour concludes with the fascinating 45 minutes cultural performances at the air conditioned theatre at 11:30hrs. After tour, return back to Kuching and transfer to the hotel.

Group of 2
MYR254.00 per person,

Group of 3, MYR220.00 per person

Group of 4
MYR210.00 per person,

Group of 5, MYR190.00 per person

Group from 6 to 10
MYR180.00 per person, Child (5 – 11 years), MYR130.00

Infant (Aged 4 years and below)

Includes; Return land transfer, entrance fee and English speaking guide
Tipping, Optional Tour, Accommodation, Tours and Travel Insurance & Personal MISC Expenses.