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7 Days & 6 Nights camping

During this fest, the skull adventure will take place and the skull will be carried starting from Gayu village, center for the ceremony to every 13 long houses and will stop at least for one hour before it proceeds to other long houses. Kamang Triyu (super natural spirit) needed to serve as the invisible organizers in assisting the warriors to appease the spirits of those enemy heads, in order to make them happy in their new home in the head-house, and coax them to be obliging when being invoked upon to protect village against any epidemic and render help to the villagers when required. So from that memorable tradition, come the idea of making it livable for every body that have a very good stamina and health to experience it themselves the adventure tracks that were being use during that skull festival. But, during the trip, over nights will be in the rainforest.

Day 1: L/D

0080, pick up from Kuching hotel and transfer O.Utan rehabilitation centre and to Gayu to start for the skull festival trail. Trekking from Gayu long house and criss cross the river and stream before reaching Peraya long house, lunch will be prepare along the journey by the river bank, wild vegetables will be collected on every move while trekking. Your guide will explain to you about the every type of plants that were used by the natives for food and medicine. Camp site will be chosen in the rainforest for the night. Basic tents were set up and food will be prepared for dinner .Night life in the rainforest were never escape from it hustle bustle from their nature orchestra (music play by insects and nocturnal animals). Enjoy and settle for the night.

Day 2: B /L/ D

Breakfast with wonderful morning glory, enjoy the nature misty and ready for romancing day ahead. Pack all the things and start the journey with romantic rafting down river meandering few difficulties along the way. Get ready your camera as the animals can be sighted unexpected. Rafting down until reaching Stabut longhouse stop for visiting. Imagine the past when the skull being parading before reaching the head house where it’s will be appeased before it will be carry again to next destinations. Continue rafting down before reaching a very beautiful virgins rainforest pebbles beaches for camping site. Forest shopping will occur during rafting time. Fishing and try to get fish for barbeque dinner. Listen to the past story cum history from the elders before settle for the night.

Day 3: B /L/ D

Breakfast packs and continues the journey down stream passing by hanging orchids, all type of epiphytes and strangling plants. Upon arrival at Maang long house, change to dry cloth and good trekking shoes then touring the surrounding before trekking take place. Walking crossing the bridge and pass by the school then through the rainforest to Sungei Resit village. Vegetables farming ahead the trekking on the main seal road pass by Payang village and Sikuduk village before arrived at Chupak village. Peoples living in this area mostly doing farming like planting rice. (Option to drive from Maang village Chupak village). There, the ration will be collected and the journey continue to reach the farmer jungle hut. Dinner on the corner before all sort of forest creatures start the night music.

Day 4: B L D

Breakfast, as usual trekking will start after packing. Passing through limestone mountain and virgin jungles, rubber and pepper garden encounter along the way. It takes about 1 hr trekking to reached Stabut village, as usual ration will be collected again for another night that you all needed. Continue the trekking for another 2 hr before reaching the mount Sibu where the night continued again. Soaring mountain and it night beauties will sure tied your heart up with romantic soft and hard core music. If possible night walk will be organized to spot the night wild life. Settle for the night.

Day5: B/L/D
Breakfast packs and kicks the gear to climb up the mountain. Our trekking will pass by hundred of age fruits orchard like durian, langsat and alls type of wild fruits. The ancient’s tree of Borneo, Ion trees can be touch two hours trekking before lunch were prepared at the river bank. Trek through agro farming before reaching Sira village and stop for collecting the ration that needed. Start trekking to the strategic place for over night.

Day6: B/L/D
Breakfast, packs and trek in lush green virgin jungle till reaching Subang village. Tour the village while waiting to be transported to the next stage, Begu village. With full strength and energy, trek through the legend limestone mountain that left a lot of nostalgia to the people’s of Pinyewa. The mountain where their ancestor been regularly attack by their enemies in olden days. The place of Pinyewa roots and origin. Trekking till reaching the head house for thanks of safety voyage made and transferred to Peraya long house for home stay. Dinner will be served, Settle for the night.

Day 7: B
Breakfast, packing before transfer for recap tour. Bid farewell to the host family and (bidapud bauh) see you again.



No. of Pax 2-3 4-8 9-14 15-20
7D/6N RM2000 RM1800