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2 Days & 1 Night Homestay

Arrive at Peraya village and introduce to the homestay family, check in, and have tea or coffee. Change to trekking gear before the adventure start. Help to prepare the raft or busy yourself with photo taking. Enjoy the forest music around you, today, we all going to experience how to make the bamboo raft and walking for the first time on Bamboo bridge traversing the rivers or the valley. Experience how to navigate the raft drifting down stream and enjoy the beautiful environment and wild orchids, epiphytes plants and lianas dangling above our head. There lies in the lush vast forest plentiful of wild vegetables and ferns. Follow the local folks to harvest these vegetables where hence the skillful arts of cooking in bamboo still hold story in the tribe tradition.

Day 2; Pay visit to our ancient ground
Breakfast, wake up to the merry chipping of the birds. Trekking through secondary forest and rubber garden, pepper garden’s, cocoa gardens and fruits orchard. Learn about the wild herbs and plants that play important role in native lives. Animals can be encounter along the journey if lady luck was with us and enjoy the serenity of the jungle.

The ancient head house that still houses the centuries old skulls and the heritage ground is where the “Pinyewa Bidayuh” settles themselves in olden days. Give respect to the great warrior and pray for goodness for the next day life and ever. Lunch will be at waterfall. Transfer back to Peraya homestay, free at leisure until transfer for recap tour


No. of Pax 2-4 5-8 9-14 15-20
2D/1N RM550 RM520 RM500 RM480